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Sponsor Leggy Riggs

Leggy Riggs is a pop-up circus cabaret. Set in iconic and scenic locations, she reflects the diversity of Los Angeles and moves from city rooftops, mountain overlooks, decadent hotel lobbies, street-side and desert getaways. Stylized in modern couture and the avant-garde, Leggy Riggs brings to the stage a cast of world class illusionists, burlesque dancers, drag queens, contortionists, object manipulators and aerial acrobats. With various levels of fancy to roughin' it - from dinner theater to circus in the park - each Leggy Riggs experience will highlight a local cafe, vinter, or brewery to celebrate the diverse and vibrant communities of Los Angeles.

Leggy Riggs is looking forward to it's first season of pop-up shows in the Los Angeles area. We already have dates in West Hollywood Park (sponsored by the West Hollywood Arts Council) on October 16th and Malibu Lake on November 28th. We are working towards filling out the rest of our 2021 tour with locations in South LA, Venice Beach, Angel's Point Overlook, El Sereno, Boyle Heights and the Santa Monica Pier.

In preparation we need to invest in stage lighting, a solar generator and sound system, as well as, subsidize the permitting and insurance in each location. We are looking to partner with art organizations, city departments and local businesses to facilitate and construct experiences that both celebrate the performing arts as well as the local community. These events should include the local food and drink establishments and/or local talent, while also equitably compensating the world class performers that Leggy Riggs brings to the stage. We are looking for city relationships in arts funding, as well as, corporate and private monies to draw together seed funding and long-term impact sponsorship.

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