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Coach, Choreographer & Director 

Personal Training & Act Direction

My interest in the expansion of our circus and performing arts community has motivated my work as a coach, choreographer and director. With a strong emphasis on technique, alignment, and injury prevention,

I help my clients explore concept creation and story building.


I find innovative movement techniques to draw out the individual artist while pulling on the history of visual and performative art forms to find the story and cohesion in the acts and productions you desire to create.

Let me help you find your distinct voice!

Here are clips of aerial dance choreography I've created for live shows, music videos, festivals and film.
Violin virtuoso Lindsey Stirling and her dancers, Taylor Gagliano, Kailyn Rogers
- songs by Lindsey Stirling
Pop singer-songwriter Alx Luke - songs by Alex Lukinov
Heidi Duckler's Ebb & Flow dance festival with aerial dancers Rachel Tatem, Kate Mara, Heather Valles and myself - song by Phillip Glass
Oscillations Art virtual film - with circus acrobat Joris Baltz and myself - song by Zach Hemsey

Book your personal training or bring me on as your aerial choreographer!

-Customized training programs (at your home or in the studio) to build strength, agility and injury prevention using aerial acrobatics, pilates and yoga techniques to master your personal goals 


-Mentorships, act and show development for aspiring circus artists and performing artists

-Traveling workshops and instruction  


Also feel free to contact me about the ACE Safety Recognition Program or the Paper Doll Militia teacher trainer program

FullSizeRender copy.jpeg

"Technically speaking, Elena's understanding of virtually every aerial skill...far more comprehensive than almost any coach I've met. Artistically, Elena has an ability to find what makes you unique and allow that to shine, without allowing her own personal aesthetic to take over. None of her students acts look anything alike..."    

Jesse Finkelstein

PHOTO by Holly Lynch

"Amazing how much power you get when a good coach fixes your technique! Much appreciation for @elena_brocade's incredible attention to detail and clarity of explanations!"

Tyler Jacobson


"I call Elena my trapeze whisperer... her passion for her craft and her students’ success is what made her my first choice coach when social isolation hit."

Tracy Erickson

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