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She's #MeToo

20th Century Fashion Quick Change

On the morning I awoke to the #MeToo outpouring I became acutely aware that I had been protecting men for many years from the dirty secret that allowed them to sexually harass me on every job (or really just about anywhere I've ever been). And I was good at it, I would coyly joke, use distraction or try to politely discourage the advance to coverup his overt indiscretion. So, I knew that I had to say something not just to be part of the choir of protests but for myself... I needed teach myself to speak up and speak up boldly. With the 20th Century Fashion quick change act I wanted to explore women's responses to repression, starting with our fight to vote through the #MeToo movement.

What I found interesting was that there was a woman from each era that I saw in myself and mirrored my own process of becoming boldly feminist. I have walked in an uprising and stood for my rights, I have imbibed to forget and ingested to enlighten, I have flaunted my sexuality and I have dared to desecrate my image, I have taken up the anvil and I have consumed leisure. As I replay these women, the meaning of the #MeToo that I exhibit at the end of the act has taken on a second meaning... it is a recognition that I embody all of these women not just historically but within my own life experience. She's me too!

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