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"The show-stopping aerial artist Elena Brocade executes an impressive rope trick to go out on a 30 ft high."


Circus & Varieté Arts

Featured internationally in tents, theaters, and gala events, I have been performing circus and varietè arts as an aerial illusionist for over 20 years, innovating my craft with the first ever aerial quick change act. 

Costume design was my first love in the arts. I continue to create new works and take commissions from performers internationally.

My interest in the expansion of our circus community and watching the growth of an individual artist has motivated my work as a coach and inspires my work as a choreographer and producer.

Sizzle Reel

Current happenings


I am at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August with my Aerial Quick Change act - with Shayna Swanson 


November 2022, Aerial Quick Change featured on Italy's Tù Sì Que Vales, TVDB season 3 - with Lexi Pearl

August 2022, I was interviewed by Shannon (IG @artistathlete) on her podcast. Check out our conversation!


January 2022, Aerial Quick Change featured on the Go Big Show, TBS season 2 - with Darielle Williams 


Follow @leggyriggs or check out her website to see our upcoming spring season. You can also check out the review of the show from WEHO TIMES!

I am working with Tanya Ganye on The Horse's Mouth circus - more dates to come 

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-Check out my Blog! I am mostly writing about aspects of the performing arts and our role as artists on the socio-political world that we live in. And any other rambling thoughts I obsess on:)

-I was interviewed on Voyage LA magazineCheck out the full article on the link above or published in my Blog.

-For my current show dates come see me on Instagram @elena_brocade 

I'm grateful for the generous grants awarded from the Dai Vernon Foundation, which contributed to the creation of my floating table act.  And the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Reimagine Public Art. You can see the DCA submission here:


Jonathan Pendragon, Genii magazine 

"Enter Elena Brocade. Elena is an aerialist who devours any new skill... She has physical agility; she is already a performer."

Featured on the CW

The aerial quick change debuted on the CW Masters of Illusion 2019 season. 


20th Century Fashion quick change

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